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4 Mařákova
Praha, Hlavní město Praha, 160 00
Czech Republic

+420 776 294 094

Nina Schauta: a psychologist and coach providing personal development coaching and therapy online, to help others life happier and more fulfilled lives. Sign up for FREE tips and tools for a happier life.

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Psychologist & psychotherapist, Prague 6 or online counseling

Working with Nina a psychologist and psychotherapist in Prague 6 Dejvice or online counselling

SORRY, CURRENTLY I HAVE NO CAPACITY FOR NEW CLIENTS. Please do not hesitate to contact my colleagues for help:


In person sessions in Prague: I have an office near Hradčanská, in Mařákova 4, which is super convenient by public transport (metro, tram, bus). The office is rather cozy and variable (see here). Parking is limited in the area (nearest paid parking in Václavkova).

Online sessions: We can also work together online via Skype, leveraging the wonderful technology to connect regardless of our location.



We talk one-to-one in person or in a video call for about an hour. I try to help you discover new perspectives, insights and options for yourself. This service is usually referred to as personal development coaching or psychotherapy, depending on the purpose and topic. 

In my experience some 10 sessions spread over 3 months are needed to create a meaningful change. You can take fewer or more sessions, depending on the scope of the change you aspire for. Generally, I recommend to take at least some 3 session to see if my approach is working for you.

I charge EUR 50 per session. Payment can be done per session as you go, or invoiced in bulks. Payment is done prior to a session either as bank transfer. Check out Terms & Conditions for more details.



That was my first thought when I first heard of the idea. As my first baby was born, I have left behind my old office. Then something strange happened. Friends of friends from around the world started to contact me, asking if I could help them. First they asked for online life coaching, but then a request came for therapy. Putting it mildly I was sceptical (really I just thought its absolute wacko). But being curious as I am, I couldn't resist... So I tried it. And, to my great surprise, it worked! So here I am offering therapy and life coaching in person as well as online...


I find it is harder to explain what I do, than it is to experience. But let me try. We talk, yes. Mostly you talk and I listen. I listen for ways you put yourself down, for ways you help create the misery you sometimes find yourself in, for the ways you relate to yourself and to others, and also for all the ways you are an amazing human being (even if you don't know it!). Then, together, we explore this you-scape. And whenever appropriate I share with you different tools that I found helpful in my own exploration and which helped me or my clients on their journey to a happier and fuller life.

Video calls mean less time commuting and more flexibility in scheduling sessions.
— client
I prefer calls without video. I can completely focus on myself and on listening, no other distractions such as unconsciously wonder about how I looked when I cried and what you meant with this or that body language.
— client


Short answer is: it depends. If you are looking for a quick and easy cure, then no. That's not what I offer. If you are looking for a lasting change in your life then, maybe, I can help. Best way to find out is to give it a try. Before you do, consider what outcome are you looking for. The outcome and the journey are always unique, but you can find inspiration reading what some of my clients found on theirs...


Maybe, or maybe not, but you might be needing someone with an unbiased perspective and a bag full of tools to deal with various emotional and psychological states. Then again, if you are hesitant maybe its best you give it some more time. See if you still feel a need for such service in a week or two. Sometimes, the issue might seem more burning than it is. Or in the meantime you happen to find a different approac, which works for you. One way or another, trust your gut with this decision.

I have definitely began to worship and like myself - not as easy as it may seem to be. I have learned how to work with myself and how to cope with myself - again, not as easy as it may seem :-)
— client
I trust myself much more, I feel more self confident and I have better interpersonal attitude.
— client
I’d like to say that I have found a peace and calm. I’m still working on it, but I already feel a huge difference in comparison with my previous approach and state of mind.
— client


In matters of personal change, you certainly want and deserve a high quality service. I am dedicated to provide the best service, working only with tools and techniques that are scientifically sound AND worked for me personally. Not to mention I have proper certified training to provide psychotherapy (check out my qualifications).

Your change is important to you, and you can be sure it will receive my full focus. I only work with a few people at a time, you are not "just another client".

Life poses unexpected challenges on us, and I understand that. I stand for maximum flexibility in scheduling sessions and there is no "fine" for cancelling a session. As a mom, I sometimes have to attend to an ermergency myself, and I respect

Our time is precious and so I always make sure that you can truly benefit from our work. I will not take you on, if I don't believe you are reasy and that I am the right guide for you.

Check out the Terms & Conditions for more details.


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